Saturday March 23rd, 2024

Today, We’re still celebrating our EP, “The Day God Died” It’s been 16 years since
its release. We would like to announce that We are re-releasing it on vinyl along with the
unreleased tracks that were intended to be included. It will also have its original album title,
“Decimation of Paradise “. We have a few more announcements coming up and those will
include information on when it will be available for preorder.
Thanks for sticking with us through the years

Friday February 2nd, 2024

We're thrilled to unveil the addition of Eddie Ortiz (Cattle Press, Subzero, Candiria)
to our lineup. Eddie's professionalism and experience will inject a powerful dose
of brutality into our already conquering sound.

Vanessa Cordoba has stepped aside for family needs
and her presence will be missed.
We all eagerly await her return to the stage!

We're currently in the studio working on our upcoming EP, "Among the Salt and Fire."
Be sure to follow our socials for more News, 2024 is going to be a beast of a year.
Stay tuned!!

Tuesday January 30th, 2024

Our debut album, Divine Decomposition released 28 years ago today.
What's you favorite song and which would like to hear live?

Also, We are excited to announce it will be available for the first time on vinyl.
It originally was set for a special re-release for the band's 25th-anniversary, but due to events at the time it was delayed.
Complete with new Artwork,Re-Recorded, Mixed & Mastered.

Information for pre-sales will be coming soon. Make sure you're following
our page and other socials to find out when to grab your copy.
Thanks to all of our fans for supporting us all these years.

Sunday January 30th 2022


June 2, 2002
Brass Mug - Tampa, FL

Sunday January 30th 2022

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